Annual Physical Clearance With South Coast Medical Group

As an athlete, it is important to have a doctor who understands the physical demand that sports can have on your body. Our family doctor, Dr. Cheng, has spent years in the primary care field, specializing in sports medicine. When athletes come into our office, Dr. Cheng focuses on helping them improve their athletic performance, recover from injury, and prevent future injuries. From football to tennis, sports-related injuries and conditions need to be recognized and addressed properly for the best healing.

One of the ways in which Dr. Cheng serves athletes in Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and surrounding communities is by providing annual physical exams for high school sports participants. The main purpose for schools requiring that all athletes pass their annual physical is to rule out the risk of any serious injury or harm that could potentially arise during the school year. These physicals need to occur every single year because schools and coaches need to know, on an ongoing basis, that athletes are healthy and fit to participate in a safe manner.

This is what an annual physical examination normally entails:

  • Medical history check.
  • Vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature.
  • Heart, lung, head, and neck exam.
  • Checking how your existing injuries (if any) are healing.
  • General fitness level and conditioning information.
  • Examination of size and growth for your age.
  • Checking any known health conditions or disorders.
  • Checking on any previously undetected conditions or congenital anomalies that may put you at risk for injury.

As Dr. Cheng performs the physical examination on athletes, he checks for any underlying health conditions that may have developed since the last annual exam. He also will give special attention to conditions, like asthma, in order to provide the best advice for the upcoming sports season.

Feel free to visit our office any day of the week to receive a physical. These are the only type of visits that require an appointment.