Mental Health of Students During COVID-19: The Warning Signs

Many students are beginning this year’s education from home.  These are not easy times for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for students who are used to learning in person and seeing their classmates every day.  Most of our children are resilient; these are unprecedented times. 

We want to share some of the warning signs to look out for here:

1. Changes in Mood

Has your child continuously been irritable, angry or sad? Do your best to be there for them, and listen to the reasons why they may feel this way.

2. Changes in Behavior

If you notice that your child is distancing themselves from others when they are usually outgoing and enjoy chatting with friends, then this could be concerning. Keep an eye out for this behavior if it continues to occur.

3. A Lack of Interest

What are your child’s hobbies? Perhaps playing guitar or a sport? Watch for a sudden disinterest in activities that they typically enjoy or a sudden decrease in communication with people they care about. Try your best to maintain these connections and passions.

4. A Lack of Concentration

Is it hard for your child to pay attention in class or listen when they are in a conversation? When people are in a state of sadness, they tend to be in their own world and concentrating on their own negative thoughts. Be there for them, and try to get them out of this headspace.

5. A Change in Sleeping Patterns

Does your child have trouble sleeping, or perhaps they sleep and never want to get up to do anything? Everyone handles stress and change differently, but both of these sleeping patterns take a toll on an individual’s health.

6. A Change in Eating Patterns

Is your child not eating enough, or are they eating too much? Stress and change can cause people to partake in one of these two options. Take notice of any changes in their eating habits and try to work with your child to maintain regular eating habits.

7. A Change in Appearance

Even though we have been at home more, if you notice that your child lacks effort in their personal appearance and hygiene on a consistent basis, then this could be a red flag. It reflects that they “do not care about themselves.” If they do not care about their personal appearance, they most likely do not care about themselves as a whole. 

8. A Change in Thoughts

Have you heard your child consistently talking about death or suicide? If so, this is very concerning, and you should seek help. Do your best to support them by listening and taking them to get the help they need to get out of this mind space. If you are looking for a resource, click here.

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