Top 10 Household Items to Use in Your Workout

While gyms remain closed or operating in a limited capacity and all the exercise equipment in high demand, it makes it more challenging to get back to your normal workout routine. To help, here are some household items that can be used as specific workout equipment.

1. Beach Towel

Need a yoga mat for floor exercises? Instead use a beach towel to provide more cushion.

2. A Chair/Couch

Use a chair or a couch as a bench for your triceps or for arm rows. You can also use this furniture to elevate your glute bridges.

3. Hand Towel/Paper Plates

If you are looking for a way to reproduce sliders, put either hand towels or paper plates under your hands or feet depending on the workout.

4. Laundry Detergent/Milk Jug

In place of kettlebells, you can use either two bottles of laundry detergent or a jug of milk to accomplish the same effect.

5. Soup Cans

Take two soup cans and use them as light weights for your exercises.

6. Basketball

Are you looking for a challenge when doing push ups or planks? Placing your hands or arms on the ball while doing these exercises will give you a more challenging workout while engaging your core.

7. Stairs

Get your cardio in without having to leave your home. Use your actual stairs as a stairmaster or utilize them for a quick cardio HIIT workout.

8. Pan/ Flour

Looking for heavier weights? Using a pan or a bag of flour will give you more weight to use for your workouts if you need something heavier than soup cans.

9. Laundry Basket

Your laundry is a great way to get in those deadlifts since it is heavier than other objects and most of them have handles to grip.

10. Spoons and Rubber Bands

Need to get some small pulses and high-repetition movements in for exercises? Wrapping rubber bands around spoons can recreate the effect and help you with exercises like wrist curls.

We hope that these household items can help assist you in your future workouts and that we can continue to guide you on your own personal wellness journey.

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