5 Ways to Revamp Your Diet

September is Self Improvement Month, and to help you start the month out right, we wanted to share some tips that can help you improve your health. With more time spent at home, it gives us the opportunity to create a healthier routine for ourselves. Here are some items you should consider when taking the leap to a healthier lifestyle.

Eat Breakfast

Although many may think it’s fine to skip breakfast, it really starts your day right. Whether it is fruit, yogurt, granola or milk with whole-wheat toast and peanut butter, breakfast will help you be more energized and improve your thinking.

Drink Lots of Water

Water is not everyone’s favorite drink, but it is essential to staying hydrated and cleaning out your system. To make drinking water more enjoyable, taste test your tap water and different purified waters to decide which one tastes the best to you. Having purified water may make all the difference when it comes to drinking more water. Take the time to enhance your water with ice cubes, use a fun straw or add lemon or cucumbers to your water to give it more flavor. 

Take Your Vitamins

Rather than getting too deep by taking tons of vitamins, one multivitamin can give your body most of the nourishment it needs. It is important to start slow, and only take additional vitamins that the South Coast Medical team advises if you have a deficiency. 

Follow the Food Guide

Eat the rainbow. Take the time to include the daily food chart into consideration when making your everyday meals. Try to get five servings of fruit, dairy, and protein each day.

Get Creative With Your Food

Meals don’t have to be boring. Add variety to your meals by exchanging recipes with friends, taking a look at online recipes, and have fun experimenting with spices and other ingredients with your food. You can still have a healthy and affordable diet that doesn’t just consist of brown rice, grilled chicken, and salad all the time. Switch it up!

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