Ways to Keep Your Health on Track During the Holidays

Don’t break your healthy habits as the holidays approach! Be proactive now, and create a plan for how you will overcome these obstacles. We have some tips that you should keep in mind coming into the holiday season.

1. Focus on Family

Although many people focus their attention on the holiday meals, you have to take a step back and remember what the holidays are all about… FAMILY!

This is a great time to rekindle old relationships  or foster the relationships that you already have with family, friends, and colleagues. 

2. Set Boundaries 

Even though you are trying to stay on track, it doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge every once in a while. Just be mindful of your actions by setting some limits.

Instead of eating a whole slice of pie with ice cream, consider taking half of that slice and skipping the ice cream. If you drink, limit yourself to one drink. By making slight changes, you will still get the experience without overindulging.

3. Keep Your Workouts Consistent

Although you may be busy during the holidays, don’t let yourself make excuses. Your health is a priority and exercising is a part of a healthy routine.

Plus, exercise will help relieve some of that holiday stress as well as regulate weight gain.

4. Switch It Up

If you normally run and do weights, try something new. Find a fun workout class online, walk around the mall instead of walking on a track, pick up a new sport or do a workout with a family member or friend. By doing something different, it makes it more fun, and it’s something to look forward to.

5. Add New Items to Your Christmas List

Have you started thinking about what you want for Christmas? Even though you might want clothes or some of the newest technology on the market, consider asking for items that will aid you in your wellness.

These fitness items could be a yoga mat, workout clothes, bands, weights or if you’re really feeling fancy perhaps some airpods, Fitbit or an Apple watch to enhance your workout.

If you have workout attire and equipment, it makes it difficult to make excuses.

6. Track Your Habits

The best way to stay on track is by monitoring what you do. Track the food you eat, water intake and exercise. Apps and monitors make it easy! Tracking your daily progress can make you more conscious of your health habits and alert you when you’re starting to slip.

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