Back To School Health Tips

As summer comes to an end, now is the time for families to gear up for school. For parents and children alike, going back to school can create a lot of pressure and stress. Even though you can’t keep an eye on your child inside the classroom, there are many ways to encourage healthy habits that will create a positive impact from the first day of preschool to graduation. 

Along with Urgent Care, our family practice is what binds us to the residents of Aliso Viejo. One of the most rewarding aspects of our job is the relationships we form with families in our community. We have seen children grow up from babies to college students and have helped them throughout each stage of life. 

Here’s a checklist of ways parents can support their children going back to school:

Focus On Nutrition 

Just like good behavior, the way in which parents talk about food, cook meals, and eat influences healthy eating habits on a child. Educating your child on what foods are nutritional and how they impact their performance in school creates a lifelong impact. We encourage parents to pack their children’s lunches with their children to teach them how important food is to their overall wellbeing. 

Schedule A Physical Exam 

Regardless if your child is an athlete or not, an annual physical exam is a very beneficial way to check up on a student’s overall wellness. These examinations help parents and children be aware of any early signs of health issues as well as advice on how to maintain good health. If your child is due for an annual exam, schedule an appointment to come into our office and meet with our team. 

Be Aware Of Potential Risks 

Spending most of the day in an environment with hundreds of other students poses emotional and physical risks. As one of the most common physical conditions students encounter, head lice can be easily contracted during playtime and sports activities. We recommend that parents check up on their child throughout the year before it becomes a growing issue. Unfortunately, some students may experience bullying from their peers or pressure to fit in. It’s important to listen to your child and be mindful of signs such as behavioral changes, academic problems, and anxiety. 

Make Sleep A Priority

Summer vacation is an easy time for bedtime schedules to slip. With early mornings coming soon, it’s vital for children and teens to get quality rest to gain focus and motivation. Encourage your children to power off their devices an hour or two before bed to give their brains time to unplug from the stimulation and the light from phones and computers. 

If you want to learn more about how you can help your child have a healthy school year, come into our office any day of the week. Our team is passionate about helping communities in Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, and Laguna Beach feel their best.

We can help you create a nutritional plan or provide additional healthy lifestyle tips that are specific to your child’s needs.