Men’s Health Month: Sharing is Caring

Did you know that on average, men die five years younger than women? During Men’s Health Month, we want to share the importance of men’s health. We will also share ways to help keep the important men in your life healthy.

What You Can Do For The Men In Your Life

1. Encourage Him to Get a Physical

At South Coast Medical Group, we like to say, “Test, don’t guess.” Most of the factors that contribute to men’s shorter life span are preventable. By encouraging the men in your life to get their annual physical, it allows us to identify and treat health issues before they get worse. In addition to preventative care, it also allows us to gauge where you are with your health goals.  

2. Get Him to Exercise

Exercise is the key to good health. In addition to improving quality of life, exercising helps reduce the risk of developing severe diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Try to encourage your dad, husband, brother, or son to go out and be active, whether it is doing personal workouts, group classes, or joining a sports league. Every little bit helps when it comes to exercise.

3. Share How Much You Care

In addition to physical health, it is important not to neglect mental health. Tell your spouse or boyfriend how much you love them or tell your dad how much you appreciate him. The positive words and encouragement are great motivating factors to show them how important they are to you and your family. It also will encourage them to be more proactive with their health to ensure they can be healthy and there for the important moments.

What You Can Do To Spread Awareness

1. Share the Cause

If you have the time, research men’s health, and share your findings with your following. This is an important cause, and the best way to spread awareness is to get the word out there.  You can also support non-profit organizations such as Men’s Health Network.

2. Wear Blue

Show your support for the cause by wearing blue and using the hashtag #ShowUsYourBlue and #menshealthmonth.

At South Coast Medical Group, we are advocates for men’s health. We do annual exams, offer advice and provide medical treatment for issues such as testosterone replacement, sports injuries, weight management, or chronic snoring.

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