The Best Ways to Take Better Care of Your Body

As we continue Self Improvement Month, we wanted to help you with some tips to a healthier lifestyle. 

1. Take Time to Stretch

In addition to preparing your body for exercise and helping relieve sore muscles, stretching can also help relieve stress. When you wake up in the morning, take five minutes to stretch. If you plan on working out, you will need to do more elaborate stretching to ensure your body is warmed up and that you do not pull a muscle.

2. Make Sure to Get Enough Sleep

Sleep gives your body the ability to repair and energize for the following day. By getting adequate rest, it may also help prevent excess weight gain and heart disease. To enhance your sleep, invest in a quality mattress and bedding that will help give you the support you need while also providing comfort. 

3. Stop Smoking

Cigarettes and other nicotine products are difficult to quit. However, the impacts that nicotine has on your body is far worse than the withdrawals you will feel in the moment. If you are a smoker, start slowly, and wean yourself off. It may require professional help. Limiting your cigarette intake is the first step to a healthier you and an improved lifestyle.

4. Limit Your Alcohol Intake

In addition to cigarettes, alcohol also has a big impact on your body if it’s drunk in excess. Having a glass of wine with dinner is fine. However, if you are heavily drinking, then it will have major repercussions on your body, especially the liver. Don’t forget to hydrate.  Drink a glass of water with each alcoholic beverage.  Of course, don’t drink and drive. 

5. Don’t Skip On Your Oral Hygiene

How often do you actively think about your oral hygiene? Make it a habit to brush, floss, and use sugar-free, alcohol-free mouthwash daily. It is also important to schedule an appointment with the dentist once a year too. 

6. Give Yourself Permission to Be Sick

Even though you may be sick, do you find yourself continuing to push through and going to work anyways? So many people attempt to work through their illness. However, you most likely got sick by pushing yourself too hard in the first place, and your body is telling you it needs a break. If you get sick, slow down and relax. You will feel better faster if you just accept the illness and let your body heal. Plus, by staying home, it helps prevent the spread. 

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