8 Good Habits To Try This Year

Whether you’ve set resolutions for the New Year or are simply looking for new ways to improve your health and daily habits, it is important to consistently make an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To help you get started, here are eight healthy habits that you should consider.

1. Set a Certain Time To Go To Bed

What time do you usually get up in the morning? Depending on that time, you should set a specific hour every day to go to bed to ensure you are getting a healthy amount of sleep. According to the Sleep Foundation, the average adult should be getting about 7-9 hours of sleep per night, so set your times accordingly!

2. Read a Book for 30 Minutes a Day

Just like exercise, reading is another great activity to help stimulate your mind, fight symptoms of depression, and reduce stress. In addition to helping your mental health, Healthline also shared that reading may help reduce blood pressure, enhance your sleep, and it may even extend your life. To implement more reading into your routine, try reading the news with your morning coffee or enjoy a book right before bed.

3. Close All Your Rings on Your Watch

Many people utilize some sort of fitness watch such as a FitBit or an Apple Watch. Make it a point each day to finish your daily fitness goals that are calculated on your watch. It will help lead you to a healthier lifestyle and establish a routine. If you don’t own one of these fitness watches, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate! There are many fitness journals and fitness apps that can help you keep track of your progress as well.

4. Drink a Glass of Water When You Wake Up

It can be challenging to remember to drink enough water every day. Depending on your gender and your weight, the amount of water you should drink in a day will vary. If you have a water bottle that tells you how many ounces it holds, use this to help you keep track. Another way to make it easier on yourself is by starting your day with a glass of water before you eat or drink anything. In addition to getting ahead, it also helps fill you up to help you avoid overeating. It’s a win-win!

5. Eat 2-3 Cups of Vegetables a Day

Vegetables offer a lot of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. These nutrients help keep you healthy and energized. They are also a low-calorie option that helps you feel full! Try to incorporate vegetables as part of each of your meals to assist you in reaching the daily recommended amount.

6. Take At Least One Walk A Day

We get it, you’re busy. Whether it’s school, work, or other events that come up, it makes it challenging to get the daily exercise we need. If you are one of these busy people, it helps just to take a small walk around the block or your neighborhood to get your legs moving and promote better health. If possible, try to get in the recommended thirty minutes of exercise a day.

7. Tackle the Challenging Tasks First

Even though we may put off the most challenging tasks for the end, sometimes you just need to “eat the frog”. By doing the most challenging tasks first, it allows you to use most of your energy towards the biggest project so you can chip away or finish it. Once the biggest projects are out of the way, you can start working on the smaller tasks that aren’t as tedious.

8. Avoid Unhealthy Snacking 

As much as you want to grab those chips or other unhealthy snacks, you are most likely eating unnecessary calories. It may also make your body think that it needs to eat more on a regular basis. You want to ensure that you save room for the healthy stuff and avoid eating unhealthy snacks.

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