Sports Injuries: The Different Types and Treatments

Being an athlete comes with its ups and downs, like dealing with injuries. Injuries are an inevitable part of being physical and competing against other athletes. The most common sports injuries that we see are ankle sprains, shin splints, and knee injuries such as torn ACLs. 

Ankle Sprains 

 An ankle sprain is by far the most common sports injury; anyone at any level can experience this. When you sprain your ankle, the foot turns inward during a quick motion, and the force of your weight on the flexed foot results in injury. This motion stretches or in serious cases tears the ligaments on the outside of the ankle, which are relatively weak muscles. 

When you experience a sprained ankle, it is vital to rehabilitate this muscle to prevent the loss of flexibility and strength altogether. Asking a medical professional or physical therapist for specific exercises is encouraged to rehabilitate the ankle properly. Using ice as well as a supportive ankle brace is also beneficial. 

Shin Splints 

Shin splints manifest as pain down the front of the leg. The condition is frequently experienced by new runners who push themselves too hard; frequent runners may also experience shin splints when they start a more intense running regime. Shin splints occur when the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue along the shin are overworked. This can be prevented by the proper running shoe and being careful not to push your body beyond its limit. 

Unfortunately, there is no easy cure for shin splints. But shin splints can be managed with ice, rest, and over-the-counter pain medication. We recommend monitoring and treating the injury, but it is crucial to make an appointment to be seen by a medical professional if pain persists. 

Torn ACL

The anterior cruciate ligament is also known as the ACL, and holds the leg bone to the knee. This injury occurs when sudden stops or dodges are made, or when you are hit by another person or object quickly from the side. The severity of the tear varies, but a complete tear in the ACL can be a long road to recovery. 

If you suspect you have torn your ACL, it is advised to schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately. If the muscle has been completely torn, surgery is often necessary if the athlete wishes to remain active down the line. 

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