The Symptoms and Management of Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is used to refer to all five types of neurodevelopmental disorders that encompass autism. Autism is a fairly common diagnosis, with 1 in every 59 children being diagnosed with ASD. While we still do not have a cure for this disorder, we have been able to detect and diagnose autism earlier and have many ways to help manage the disorder. 

Symptoms of ASD

Symptoms of autism are usually first noticed between 12 and 24 months of age, but symptoms may also come about either before or after this window. There are two categories in how symptoms are displayed: trouble with communication and social interaction, and repetitive behavior patterns. 

Communicative problems are expressed as: 

  • Difficulty expressing emotions
  • Trouble maintaining a conversation or eye contact 
  • General lack of understanding social cues 
  • Issues with forming and maintaining relationships

Behavioral problems expressed as: 

  • Repetitive patterns in speech or movement 
  • Following a strict schedule and difficulty adapting to change 
  • An increase or decrease in sensitivity to a specific stimulus 

Managing ASD

While we still have no cure for autism, there are many therapies and resources to manage this disorder and help the person affected to develop skills to be successful in life. 

Management includes: 

  • Behavioral therapy 
  • Play therapy 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Speech therapy 
  • Physical therapy 

There are also resources such as weighted blankets, ear plugs, vitamins, special diet, and medications that are options to help someone affected by ASD. There is no one-size-fits-all way to manage this disorder, and it’s important that you discuss management strategies with an ASD specialist. With research always continuing and as we gain more and more information on ASD, we can continue to effectively manage and hopefully one day cure this disorder. 

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