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Remembering Dr. Cheng

John Cheng
Dr. John Cheng | June 16, 1969 - May 15, 2022
Dr. John Cheng | June 16, 1969 – May 15, 2022

It’s with a heavy heart that the South Coast Medical Group family has lost our leader, Dr. John Cheng.

Dr. Cheng was an uncomplicated, humble, and an utmost giving man.

He supported his community in so many ways. He donated multiple hours of his time on so many different occasions. Dr. Cheng always listened to his patients and gave them the time they needed to feel heard.  

Dr. Cheng practiced medicine in ways we admired. He always assured his patients left our practice feeling so much better than when they arrived.   

One amazing anecdote, we will always remember from Dr. Cheng is him leading a team meeting and him using the analogy of “you never know what someone else is dealing with, in their back yard”. He was speaking to us, his team, about compassion and empathy. He stressed that although someone might come in cranky, we should consider our reaction since we do not know “what they have seeded”. His primary goal was to provide excellent patient care.   

Dr. Cheng was a natural protector and healer.  It was characteristic of Dr. Cheng, to charge forward at the gunman. It doesn’t surprise any of us, that he was the HERO! Dr. Cheng, exemplified, what he was built for. His heroism saved so many people NOT only at that church but throughout his career. Dr. Cheng’s courageous act to move as fast as he did to save lives is no shock.  He will forever be remembered as OUR HERO.

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