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Is It a Cold or Allergies?

With allergy season in full swing and with the cold and flu season winding down, many people aren’t sure if they are experiencing a cold or seasonal allergies. Here are some key indicators to

Autism: What it is and What Are the Causes

Even though you may not be able to determine if a person has autism from a glance, the signs become more apparent when the person communicates, interacts, behaves, and learns. When it comes to

5 Myths About Nutrition

Nutrition can sometimes be a topic of controversy. One credible source may tell you one thing and then another may suggest something different. Here are five myths that we wanted to debunk. 1.

5 Foods That Can Give You More Energy

If you’re feeling tired or rundown during the day, look at the type and quantity of the food you are eating. Depending on what you eat, it can determine how much energy you have in a given day.