6 Ways to Manage Stress

With everything that’s going on right now, trying to stay safe from COVID-19, working from home, balancing our kids’ lives from home, stress is probably buzzing around you.

Stress is your body’s way of responding to the feeling of emotional or physical tension. You especially may be feeling stressed and anxious during this time as we navigate through the unexpected with the coronavirus. To help you better manage your stress, we wanted to share six tips.

1. Keep Your Physical Space Clean

When you are stressed, do you neglect cleaning? Sometimes if your physical space is cluttered, it makes it difficult to have a clear mindset. If you get stressed, try cleaning your physical surroundings to see if it makes you feel more organized and less stressed.

2. Take Breaks

When you are concentrating too much on one thing, it can be overwhelming. Try taking small breaks throughout the day to help you recover. It can be as simple as watching a tv show, taking a walk, or giving a friend a phone call. 

3. Focus on Your Physical Health

Your physiological needs are the foundation of your health and wellbeing. Make sure to eat well-balanced meals, get good sleep and exercise regularly to meet those basic requirements. 

4. Get Support

Whether it is talking to a friend, connecting with your church or going to counseling or therapy, sometimes it feels better to talk through your emotions. It is also healthy to let those feelings out instead of bottling them up inside.

5. Make Time For Yourself

Although social interaction is a must, it is also a good idea to take time to self-reflect and meditate. Start your day by taking deep breaths with long exhales. It will help you clear your mind and give you a fresh perspective before tackling your day. 

6. Do the Things You Enjoy

If there is something that makes you happy, do it! If it means doing puzzles, taking a walk in nature or talking to your parents, make sure to incorporate this into your day. By partaking in these activities, it boosts your mood, relaxes you and gives you a more positive outlook.

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